Tuesday, April 21, 2009

zotero project

zotero project assignment for digital media production

1. visit, download, and familiarize yourself with zotero.

2. take some time with some of the site's learning tools, including the quick start guide and the video demo on the front page.

3. add to zotero the library/print resources you found from last week's assignment.

4. find and add to zotero between 5-10 online resources that will help you with your section of USF's wikipedia page.

5. discover at least one interesting feature of zotero and be ready to share it with the rest of class on thursday.

hint: take some time with zotero - it's more powerful and more useful than you may first think.

rule: if you have no work to demo, do not come to class.


Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to Demo our online sources or just the interesting feature? If we have to demo the online sources we would have to bring our lap top to class right? or just write the link URL down?

david silver said...

great question sam - you just need to demo your interesting feature. and by demo, i mean discuss. i do not expect all of you to bring your laptops to class.