Tuesday, April 14, 2009

wikipedia project assignment, part 1

wikipedia project assignment, part 1 for digital media production

although we will continue learning new topics and tools, the majority of our remaining time in digital media production will be spent working individually and collaboratively to edit, improve, and extend USF's wikipedia page.

1. select one topic or task that you wish to work on to improve USF's wikipedia page. topics can include existing sections or subsections or entirely new sections. tasks can include editing the wikipedia page, adding photographs, designing maps, etc. you can select any topic or task as long as you find it interesting.

2. find at least 2-3 interesting, relevant, and credible offline sources related to your topic. we spent much of today's class discussing what makes good and bad sources - check your notes! we will have plenty of time to find online sources but for now we are looking for relevant and credible library and archival sources.

3. consult the list of librarian liaisons at gleeson library, select at least one librarian whose expertise relates to your topic, and arrange to meet him or her within the next week or so. like college students, librarians are busy people - plan ahead.

4. begin to brainstorm ways that you can integrate some form or forms of crowdsourcing to improve your research. take some time to think about this. consider taking a walk while thinking about this. share your budding ideas with friends to get feedback. be creative.

5. in class on thursday, be ready to demo your topic or task, your 2-3 sources, and your selection of a librarian liaison. and be ready to share your crowdsourcing ideas.

hint: select a topic or task that interests you.

rule: if you have no work to demo, do not come to class.

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