Thursday, April 23, 2009

a talk about the future

tomorrow i'll be giving a talk as part of the communication and the future conference at cal state east bay. if things go as planned, i hope to cover four things.

exhibit a: twitter assignment

exhibit b: cook a delicious meal assignment

exhibit c: a community garden on campus

exhibit d: jerusalem artichokes

update: a photograph of the audience:


Mary said...

David, it was a pleasure to meet you and an honor to have you speak at our conference on Thursday. Your talk has inspired me to get back into blogging my adventures.

For now, I have put some images from the conference on my flickr page:

I look forward to meeting you again. Some of us at CSUEB are very interested in visiting your campus green lab!

david silver said...

thank you, Mary, for the nice comment and kind words! i really enjoyed the conference and also enjoyed your pictures of the event.

your presentation was excellent. it reminded me, again, how powerful ethnography is and it was fascinating to hear you draw out so many angles from a "simple" dog park. i'll look forward to watching this project grow

you are your colleagues are invited to USF's green lab anytime!