Friday, April 10, 2009

castro project

castro project assignment for eating san francisco

1. two weeks ago, we read and discussed gayle s. rubin's "the miracle mile: south of market and gay male leather, 1962-1997." then we formed into groups to brainstorm topics for our upcoming walkabout and dinner in the castro.

2. last week, we field tripped to the castro. the castro crüe arranged for us to meet at and tour the castro theater, hear a brief lecture and tour the GLBT historical society museum, and eat and drink at the sausage factory.

3. now, working collaboratively within your group, create and share a story about the castro.

4. be sure to use original media material - your own photographs, video, words, interviews, ephemera - in your story.

5. be sure to use at least one photograph taken by one of your classmates outside your group. be sure to cite or, better yet, link to that classmate's work.

6. be sure to include original research, using two or three relevant, credible, and creative sources. if relevant to your story, consider using rubin's "the miracle mile" as one of your sources.

7. be sure to work together. the more you work together, the better your work will be. trust me.

8. as always, your story must rest upon a platform that a) supports multimedia, b) is open to the public, and c) allows visitors the opportunity to comment on your work.

9. sometime before class on wednesday, thick tweet your group's castro project.

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