Friday, August 25, 2006

the university of peace

i first heard of the university of peace (in san josé, costa rica) in july, when their library signed up to participate in the september project. this morning, we learned what they have planned for their event:
At the University for Peace, in its main campus en el Rodeo de Mora, San José, Costa Rica we will have two main events:

1. A display in the Library about Sept. 11th, 2001 and Sept. 11th, 1973.

2. A showing of the movie "Missing", a film by Costa-Gavras with Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek. Following the screening there will be a round table with Dr. Víctor Valle, Dean of Latin American Studies, Dr. Ronnie de Camino, (Chilean), Prof. Environment and Peace and Simon Stander, Prof. of International Peace Studies.
two quick observations:
  1. this year i am struck by how many professors (and, at the university of peace, a dean) are participating in the september project as speakers, discussants, and moderators. in this case, the interdisciplinarity of the participating professors - latin american studies, environment and peace studies, and international peace studies - is quite impressive and interesting. i would love to be able to attend this event.

  2. this year, multiple participating libraries are bringing together september 11, 2001 and september 11, 1973 - juxtaposing these two days of massive historical and global importance. i am unsure whether many americans know about september 11, 1973, and i am even less sure about whether many americans know the role of the united states in the events of september 11, 1973.

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