Sunday, August 06, 2006

proyecto CIBA

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if i could have any new media, i would ask for software that generates perfect language translations.

on friday, el centro de investigación biblioteca y aula, or proyecto CIBA, in córdoba, argentina, signed up for the september project. using the describa su evento page, librarian ana ángela chiesa described what proyecto CIBA was developing:
CIBA es un centro de investigación de Proyectos que desarrollen habilidades en información y promocionen el libro y la lectura.

Planeamos para el próximo mes de Septiembre desarrollar un taller con alumnos de escuelas rurales de la zona de influencia que hemos llamado: "TODO LO QUE NO SABEMOS SOBRE EL LIBRO." Este taller tiene los siguientes contenidos: Historia del libro. Distintos soportes de la palabra hasta llegar al libro. Partes de un libro. Uso de Índices, tablas de materia (y mucho más...). El taller tiene caracter lúdico.

Dirigido a alumnos de 4to, 5to y 6to (Educación General Básica, segúen el modelo educativo Argentino) (último ciclo de Escuela primaria)
using google's language tools, i cut-and-pasted the event description and it generated this:
CIBA is a research center of Projects that develop abilities in information and promote the book and the reading.

We glided for the next month of September to develop a factory with students of rural schools of the zone of influence that we have called: “EVERYTHING WHAT WE DO NOT KNOW ON THE BOOK.” This factory has the following contents: History of the book. Different supports from the word until arriving at the book. Parts of a book. Use of Indices, tables of matter (and much more…). The factory has playful character.

Directed to students of 4to, 5to and 6to (General Education Básica, segúen the Argentine educative model) (last cycle of primary School)
(altavista's babelfish, generated an extremely similar translation.)

question: what does the word taller mean in spanish? is it a workshop? a curriculum? is it what google and babelfish say it is - a factory?

i think this event is beautiful. it is not exactly an event, but more like a series of events that take place in classrooms, or, a curriculum - the first curriculum, i believe, that has been associated with the september project. i love how it is directed at children. i love the interesting topics it teaches. and i love how it is being designed for students at rural schools in argentina.

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