Monday, August 07, 2006

bedford public library system and kitsap regional library

[crossposted from the september project blog]

within the last 24 hours, two library systems have signed up to participate in the september project.

from bedford, virginia, all 6 libraries of the bedford public library system - bedford central, big island, forest, moneta/sml, montvale, and stewartsville - have signed up to participate.

and from kitsap county, washington, all 9 libraries of kitsap regional library - bainbridge island, downtown bremerton, kingston, little boston, manchester, port orchard, poulsbo, silverdale, and sylvan way - have signed up to participate.

their events sound excellent:
"We, The People" is the theme for our 2006 September Project (our first!) We are hiring a company called Living Voices in Seattle to do nine productions in each of our libraries on topics ranging from the Swedish Immigrant Experience in the Northwest to the Native American government-run schools. The aim of the series is to acknowledge and honor the diversity that IS our history and our present.

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