Wednesday, August 23, 2006

eric olson, candidate for prince george's county council, maryland

i was lucky to begin graduate studies in american studies at the university of maryland while eric olson was there finishing up his masters. eric helped me navigate the waters of graduate school and taught me a lot about the city of college park. indeed, it's difficult for me to think of college park without thinking about eric.

eric olson is extremely committed to making better communities. since 1997, eric has served on the college park city council and now he is a candidate for prince george's county council, maryland.

his bio is impressive:
Eric directs the national Sierra Club's Healthy Communities Campaign, where his work includes promoting public transportation, creating more walkable, vibrant communities and combating sprawl. His work has included bringing attention to the incredible waste of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for Alaska's proposed "Bridges to Nowhere" while roads and bridges throughout the nation need repair.

He has previously worked as Deputy Director of the Center for Voting and Democracy, a national organization committed to election reform and voting rights. Eric also has four years of Capitol Hill experience as an aide to Congressman Bernie Sanders (I-VT), where he worked on environment, transportation, energy, democracy, human rights and agriculture among other issues and where he served as staff coordinator of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.
other people have many good things to say about eric. there is also a page where you can donate to his campaign and it's really easy - it takes about 3 minutes.

if eric wins, prince george's county council will be that much more stronger, creative, and experienced. good luck, eric!

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