Wednesday, August 23, 2006

september 11 in wayne, michigan

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an engaging set of events on september 11 and throughout the month of september at wayne public library, in wayne, michigan:
On September 11, 2006 at 8:00 a.m., the community and civic leaders of Wayne will hold a service of reflection at the Veterans Peace Memorial located at the Wayne Public Library. Police, fire, city officials, local churchs, community leaders and the members of the local high school will participate in this ceremony. All citizens are invited to attend.

Throughout the month of September the library will also display book, dvds, and other related materials in our showcases and throughout the library.

We will be having programs for adults, teens, and children.

The adult program will feature guest speakers relating their personal immigration stories. The children's program will include screening the Reading Rainbow film "Watch the Stars Come Out" based on the book by the same name. Participants will talk about what it might be like to come to America from another country and work with their parents on a simple family tree project.

Teens will be making paper peace cranes for display in the library throughout September.

Our library newsletter includes information on all these programs and will be delivered to every home and business in our city, and everyone is invited to attend these free programs.
i think it's great how wayne public library:
  1. reaches out to so many diverse segments of wayne: police, fire, city officials, local churchs, community leaders, and members of the local high school;

  2. involves a local high school! how cool is that?

  3. designs programs for three audiences: adults, teens, and children.

  4. couples a major event on september 11 with activities that take place throughout the month of september.
a truly civic event coming from wayne public library.

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