Tuesday, August 15, 2006

from bangladesh to battery park

a lot of september project growth today.

early in the morning, two libraries from bangladesh - north south university library and IUB library - both from dhaka, both involved in 2005, signed up to participate.

later, three public libraries from the beautiful state of mississippi - jesse yancy memorial library, lumberton public library, and purvis public library - joined to participate for the first time.

then, marsha irvine emailed to say that 11 branches of king county library system - bothell regional library, crossroads, des moines library, federal way 320th library, kirkland library, lake forest park library, north bend library, redmond regional library, sammamish library, shoreline library, and vashon branch library - would be participating in this year's september project.

(together with libraries from kitsap regional library, seattle public library, and university of washington, the seattle / puget sound area has a lot of september project events to chose from!)

and then, ten new events, all in new york city, from the bronx to battery park, organized by the september eleventh families for peaceful tomorrows.

i'll blog more about these events later in the week.

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