Saturday, March 31, 2012

last week's farmstand + gleeson library

a few weeks ago, following a very successful farmstand one, i gave the 21 students and 1 TA in community garden outreach a challenge: "at our next farmstand, when people approach your table and say, 'i would like a salad, please,' i want you to say, 'which one?' at the last farmstand we offered 1 of everything. this time, let's offer 2."

at our second farmstand (thursday, march 22) CGO students delivered. they harvested for, cooked, and served 2 salads (a mixed green with golden goddess dressing and a raw kale salad), 2 soups (a butternut squash with greens soup and spicy collard green with potato and sausage soup), 3 (3!) desserts (lavender cookies, lemon bars, and rhubarb almond bars), 3 (or 4) frittatas, and 1 huge vat of lavender lemonade -- all featuring at least 1 ingredient from the USF garden.

there's a real community forming around farmstand and it includes students, faculty, librarians, staff, administration, and jesuits. by the time we finally opened (about 12:10, i think) there was a long line of folks waiting for good food.

this farmstand included, for the first time, a food/cooking/gardening/sustainability-related book and DVD collection curated and created by gleeson library. arranged by USF librarians debbie benrubi, shawn calhoun, matt collins, and sherise kimura, the gleeson mobile library offered on-the-spot, free, relevant, and borrowable books and DVDs to the farmstand community. perfect.

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