Tuesday, October 21, 2014

popular music exhibit project

Popular music exhibit project for Intro to Media Studies

1. For your next project, you will design a pop-up exhibit devoted to popular music.

2. Your topic can be your favorite band, your all-time favorite song or album, your favorite genre, or something else ("3 metal bands I can't live without!"). Your approach can be objective (what makes the band great) or subjective (what makes the band great to you).

3. Your exhibit can feature digital stuff (screens, MP3s, video, digital photos) but it must also include tangible stuff (an album review from an old issue of Rolling Stone, a ticket stub of that concert that changed your life, a t-shirt, you name it). Put another way, your exhibit can be comprised of entirely tangible stuff or be a mixture of tangible and digital but it can't be entirely digital. A open laptop blaring a song and streaming a video does not make an exhibit.

4. Your exhibit must contain at least three interesting artifacts. We've been discussing artifacts in class for a while so think hard and creatively about what you use. This is the portion of the exhibit that will make or break your project.

5. The exhibit should be cohesive. Your artifacts should speak to one another and they should follow a similar style or pattern. The pieces of your exhibit should be put together smartly and with thought.

6. The exhibit should tell anyone looking at it something about its designer (you). In other words, use the exhibit to share something about yourself.

7. For ideas and inspiration, take a look at the flickr set "the classroom as museum" from when I assigned this project three years ago.

8. Exhibit due in class on Friday, October 31. No late work accepted.