Sunday, March 01, 2015

demo day two - cooking something new

demo day two assignment for making food, making media

1. go to a farmer's market, select a vegetable or fruit you have never cooked with before, purchase it, and bring it home.

2. cook a delicious dish or meal using your vegetable or fruit. you can cook it alone, in a pair, or in small group.

3. eat and enjoy the meal.

4. create a recipe of your dish. the recipe can take any form you want. be creative.

5. within your recipe, be sure to include something about where your food comes from.

6. when finished but certainly before class on thursday, march 5, tweet your recipe.

important point: on thursday, march 5, bring your recipe or bring a device that can represent your recipe to class. for example, if your recipe is written on paper or painted on canvas, bring it to class. if it's a video on youtube, bring a laptop to class. if it's a series of photos on instagram, bring your phone. in other words, bring what you need to be able to demo your recipe to the rest of class.

rules and suggestions:

a. follow all directions.

b. if you have no work to demo for thursday's demo day, do not come to class.