Tuesday, March 20, 2012

cooking something new project

update (march 27): to see students' work, please visit our blog, green media @ usf. also, at the end of demo day, march 27th, students were assigned to comment on each of their fellow students' blog posts.

update (march 30): students were assigned to do this project again - due in class on tuesday, april 3.

cooking something new project for green media

1. sometime this week or this weekend, go to a san francisco farmers market.

2. select and buy a vegetable or fruit you have never cooked with before.

3. find a recipe - from a book, from a friend, online, at the farmers market - for your vegetable or fruit.

4. cook it.

5. write a blog post, on our new course blog green media @ usf, about the dish. include a recipe.

6. sometime before class on tuesday, march 27, post a tweet that includes a link to your blog post.

7. in class on tuesday, be prepared to demo your work. if you have no work to demo, do not come to class.

rules and regulations:

a. your blog post must have four - no more, no less - photos. you must have one photo of the farmers market, one of your recipe, one of cooking your dish, and one of serving/presenting/eating it. remember: less is more.

b. you must extract something interesting from your interactions with the folks running the booth at the farmers market. learn something about the food you purchased, the farm it's from, and the people that brought the food to you - and integrate that something into your blog post.

c. at some point in your blog post you must use the word esculent.

d. link generously.


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Anonymous said...

The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA) operates the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and since it's an education non-profit they have an incredible archive of recipes:

Just another great resource for seasonal recipes that use varietals from local farmers markets.

For the visually-inclined they also have great boards on Pinterest: