Wednesday, March 14, 2012

green media at buck mountain experimental station

MS 301: Green Media
Professor David Silver
July 24 - August 10, 2012

Green Media is an advanced production media studies course devoted to making media about making food. During this summer intensive, students will learn how to combine words, drawings, photographs, performance, video, social media, and found objects to tell and share compelling stories about food. Along the way, students will also learn some basic skills in harvesting, cooking, and preserving seasonal food.

Learning Goals:
1. To learn how to use social media to make and share media about making food;
2. To develop a unique, creative, and compelling voice within your media work; and
3.To learn how to collaborate creatively and effectively.

Lodging and Logistics: This course takes place at Buck Mountain Experimental Station, a 22-acre off-the-grid homestead located in Eastern Humboldt County, from July 24 - August 10, 2012. Prior to the summer intensive, students and professor will meet face-to-face to discuss class expectations and assign pre-intensive readings. Upon completion of the course, students will have one week (until August 17, 2012) to complete their final project.

Accommodations: Students will sleep in tents and have access to a large vegetable garden, chickens, a milking goat, two kitchens, a homestead workstation, two showers, and two outhouses.

Food: Students and professor will plan, prepare, and serve daily lunches and dinners. Students are responsible for preparing their own breakfasts.

Connection: Although Buck Mountain has internet access and cell phone reception, they are extremely limited; students should expect to be online about an hour a day.


Amber said...

I still talk about the trip our class took here! This looks like a great course.

david silver said...

amber, *i* still talk about that trip! what a remarkable experience it was, with an awesome set of students. stay tuned for the sequel!

Steven said...

this is a great idea prof. silver. summer at... buck mountain? is that what stonelake is called now?

anyway, great memories and a wonderful experience. that's by far my fondest memory from usf.

david silver said...

hey steven! yes, what was once stonelake farm is now buck mountain experimental station. thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. please let me know the next time you are in the bay area.

Steven said...

will do!