Thursday, July 27, 2006

silvers converge

my mom was in town, up from santa cruz, on some WILPF business and sarah and i managed to kidnap her for a great breakfast of eggs, crepes, and strong coffee at the nearby squat and gobble. and then, mmm, homemade banana bread for a housewarming gift. then i took mom to USF and gave her a quick tour of the main campus and lone mountain. dad was a professor so both mom and i have a longstanding love for college campuses.

it was the first time in months that i saw mom, but more importantly it was the first time we talked since the big, big news of a few days ago. my sister cara, her husband steve, and their sons will and dolan are moving to palo alto (from los angeles). yesterday, they bought a house about a mile from my sister nancy, her husband jeff, and their sons aleks and ben, who also live in palo alto. palo alto is about 45 minutes from santa cruz (where my mom lives) and about 45 minutes from SF (where sarah and i live). thus: an all-but-complete (my sister lisa and her husband jean live in NY and no one predicts a move westward anytime soon) critical mass of silvers in the bay area! as my friend kq would say, "can you stand it?"

it means a lot to be living so near family. and it means a lot to be living so near my growing nephews.


sarah said...

what a big day we had! and jay was right--squat and gobble was deeelish.

kq said...


i am so happy for you and for sandy silver. and for sarah. and for your sisters and their husbands and their children.

dear me. i really need to get myself to you all for a proper visit. soon.

i like that you decided to keep the barcelona-esque chair. i would have clobbered you if you pulled that one to a distribution node.

i have been bragging on your september project stuff lately with such d-light. and my own mother has been marveling at your acumen. for real.

i wish you and sarah could come to d.c. in august so we could hang poolside in georgetown.

big wet kisses to all. and thanks for writing to madeline.

and also your hair. very barton fink. i like it. but it is very barton fink.

sarah said...

q-dawg: as one who sees david on a daily basis, i gotta say: his hair is certainly not barton fink-esque. while there's no doubting his hair defies gravity, it does it with style, finesse, and unmistakably sweet curls.

many men of his age would kill for such a fine set of hair (my mom included!).

Anonymous said...

i do admit to coveting his hair. i mentioned that yesterday i believe. jini

sarah said...

i would like to clear up one point, please: my mom is not a man. :)

messy, messy, words!

david silver said...

q, consider yourself to be in possession of an all-seasons pass to our pad.

regarding my head of hair, i'm thinking less barton fink and more cosmo kramer.

Sachi said...

I'll second a bit of cosmo!

Congrats on the move!

I've spent a bit of time walking around the USF campus - my cousin went there for undergrad and her JD. I'm sure you will love it and you will gain a fan base even bigger and better...Is silver platinum now?