Tuesday, July 25, 2006


i spent the better part of yesterday and today on campus. the walk to campus - from the lower haight i go west, through haight ashbury, then north through the panhandle to campus - takes about thirty minutes. it will take less time when i stop gawking at all the beautiful architecture. i've been taking care of logistics - getting my ID card, exploring campus, staking out the local cafes. i must look ridiculous because i'm doing all this with a huge smile on my face.

like all college campuses, and especially urban campuses, space is an issue. my office won't be ready until mid-august. luckily, there's wireless to be had at gleeson library - geschke learning resource center, so i've made it my current office. gleeson library means a lot to me. the night before my job interview, i walked around campus and found myself in the library. i explained my situation to the librarian and he let me walk around. i entered the library with shards of my job talk shooting this way and that way and left, about an hour later, calm and focused. it's a beautiful library.

most of yesterday and today's work has been with the september project. today, seven libraries from six different states signed up to participate:hopefully, by the time september arrives, events will take place in libraries in all 50 states - plus washington dc.

now it's time to log off, make my way back home, and explore another part of the city with sarah.


sarah said...

wow. that's a pretty tremendous atrium in the library. can't wait to see it with my own eyes. and what a loving statement remmbering the person after whom the atrium was named:

Reverend William J. Monihan, S. J. 1914 - 1996. Jesuit, University Librarian, Bibliophile, San Franciscan, Caring Friend to Many

i said...

hi d and s!

congrats on getting there and very exciting to be you, exploring sf on foot to boot. i want to see more sf streets, your house, campus, students, crazies. love all the sunlight in the library.

Jessie said...

i walked around cambridge gawking at everything, too, when i first moved here! haha!