Monday, July 31, 2006

mesa county libraries

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two days ago, on saturday, i received an email from emilie satterwhite of mesa county libraries in grand junction, colorado. she emailed to say that all eight mesa county libraries - central library, clifton branch, collbran branch, de beque branch, fruita branch, gateway branch, orchard mesa branch, and palisade branch - would be participating in the september project.

their events - some planned, some being planned - offer something for everyone. as emilie wrote:
    Our library will be incorporating the ideas of the September Project throughout the month of September in a variety of ways. In addition to marking the anniversary of September 11, we are encouraging continued dialogue on the subjects of freedom and democracy through the rest of the week to mark Constitution Day and Banned Books Week.

    Our planned activities include book displays on September 11, the Constitution and Banned Books; a teen essay contest with teens writing about why freedom and democracy are important to them; and banned book discussions to celebrate everyone's right to intellectual freedom.

    Other activities are still in the works.
i think it's great how they fuse the september project, constitution day, and banned books week together. and, like the september project events at the birmingham public library system, mesa county libraries' events will take place all across the county.

what i find particularly interesting about mesa county libraries is the way in which the library district covers both city and rural areas. and judging from the extremely filled calendar of events and programs at mesa county libraries - including events for youth, teens, and adults - it appears that the librarians are quite busy serving their multiple communities. it's also great to see much of their web site in spanish. just as mesa county is diverse in terms of physical landscape, so is mesa county libraries diverse in terms of cultural and intellectual programs and events.

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