Saturday, July 22, 2006

mission = accomplished

yesterday, sarah and i arrived in san francisco. this morning, all our stuff arrived. tomorrow morning: dim sum!

it feels like magic to be here.


Jessie said...

yay! you didn't seem at all stressed about the move and now you're in the land of the best dim sum one can get in the us! *envy*

chutry said...

Congrats on your safe arrival in a city exponentially cooler than the place I currently live.

George said...

monty python voice/

you lucky, lucky bastard!


david silver said...

jessie, you weren't joking! we ended up at a place called imperial palace restaurant and it rocked. if you have a favorite SF dim sum place, by all means leave it in the comments! (and jessie: you're in cambridge now, eh? i remember one day in class you told me that's what you wanted to do and now you're doing it. very cool. few people have dreams; fewer follow them; and only a handful actually snag them: congratulations on making a life in the UK.)

Lonny J Brooks said...

Yea! San Francisco is great isn't it? Welcome home!


....J.Michael Robertson said...

Just don't call it Frisco.