Saturday, July 29, 2006

birmingham public library system

[crossposted from the september project blog]

yesterday, i received an email from barbara sirmans, director of the birmingham public library. she emailed to say that eleven birmingham public libraries would be participating in the september project. from a distance, high above the state of alabama, this is what they look like on our map of participating libraries:

barbara also emailed to say that two libraries - central and pratt city branch - would be participating with window displays and that nine libraries - avondale regional branch, east lake branch, eastwood branch, inglenook branch, north avondale branch, north birmingham regional branch, southside branch, springville road regional branch, and titusville branch - would be participating with book displays.

library systems allow programs, resources, and services to be geographically distributed across a town, city, or county. instead of asking residents to leave their neighborhoods and assemble in a single, centralized location (town hall, a civic center, a central library), library systems offer resources, programs, and displays for people in the neighborhoods in which they live. the result is a more decentralized (and often more relevant) series of programs.

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