Sunday, March 15, 2009

what i eat and drink in a day assignment

what i eat and drink in a day assignment for eating san francisco

1. document everything you eat and drink in one whole day.

2. be honest, real, and smart.

3. take your day's worth of information, mix it up creatively and interestingly, and share it on a platform that a) supports multimedia, b) is open to the public, and c) allows visitors the opportunity to comment on your work.

4. sometime before class on wednesday, post a thick tweet that includes a link to your what i eat and drink in a day project.

5. keep in mind there is no class on wednesday.

6. by the end of friday, comment on other ESPers' work. comment significantly and constructively. or comment in any way you choose. just comment.


Anonymous said...

Typo alert in number 6.

Anonymous said...

nice catch Nick.

i'm leaving it there. it's too classic of a slip.

laura_p said...

I'm actually pretty excited for this one.