Monday, March 02, 2009

blog assignment, part two

blog assignment, part two for digital media production

1. last week's assignment was to attend at least two events at USF's 7th annual human rights film festival and blog about both of them. the first part of this week's assignment is to read all film festival-related blog posts written by your fellow DMP students. do not skim the blog posts. instead, actually read them. look, not just glance, at the photographs. follow any hyperlinks. give yourself plenty of time with each of your peers' posts.

2. next, comment on your peers' blog posts. offer feedback, ask a question, add new ideas. you are encouraged to leave brief comments like "nice project!" or "more photos!" or "luv the links!" but you are required to leave a significant comment on at least a handful of students' posts. ask a question that you are generally curious about. suggest a connection between the blog post you are commenting on and a blog post of your own and/or a blog post from another DMPer. give feedback, start a conversation, get some dialogue going.

3. reflecting upon USF's human rights film festival, your last week's blog posts about the film festival, and your peers' perspectives on the film festival, write a new blog post about the act of blogging. experienced and just beginning bloggers' experiences will differ. keep it brief - between two or three paragraphs - and integrate at least one idea from at least one of our blog-related readings: Paul Boutin's Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004, Tom Coates' (Weblogs and) The Mass Amateurisation of (Nearly) Everything, Sharon Otterman's Haste, Scorned: Blogging at a Snail’s Pace, and Andrew Sullivan's Why I Blog.

4. when finished, and no later than wednesday at midnight, post a thick tweet that includes a link to your new blog post.

hints: before commenting on a student's blog post, make sure you have read it. if you leave a comment that encourages a reply from the author, be sure to revisit the blog and keep the conversation going if necessary. when writing your new blog post, make sure that you include new perspectives of the event that come from your DMP peers.

rule: if you have no work to demo, do not come to class.

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