Monday, March 09, 2009

google maps assignment

google maps assignment for digital media production

1. create a google maps account.

2. learn how to use google maps.

3. create a google map of the bay area / sf / usf.

4. add pins that link to your already existing flickr sets and blog posts. for example, all of you attended last week's human rights film festival in presentation theater and blogged about it. so, place a pin on USF's presentation theater and link it to your blog post or flickr set. do that with at least two or three of your flickr sets and blog posts. consider designing the pins to include images, brief intros or summaries, hyperlinks, and anything else necessary to encourage your visitors to click-through.

5. also add at least one pin that links to one of your classmate's flickr set or blog post.

6. once finished, learn how to embed google maps into blog posts. then make it happen - write a brief or very brief blog post that includes your embedded google map.

7. sometime before class on thursday, share your work with a thick tweet.

hints: begin this project early. if you have questions, tweet them. if that doesn't produce solutions, visit my office hours.

rule: if you have no work to demo, do not come to class.


srcsmgrl said...

I am having a program at my library to teach patrons how to do this. We are thinking about creating one to go with summer reading to generate more interest from our readers. Fun!

Anonymous said...

community mapping in public libraries - awesome!

maybe one of your summer readings can be a novel set in seattle and readers can collaboratively annotate the characters' movements and experiences.

i'll be eager to see what you and your patrons generate. if you end up developing some kind of how-to document, not to mention cool maps, please share.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this and thought of you and your students: an iPhone app that tracks where people are gathering in San Francisco:

Anonymous said...

anonymous - ooh, this looks really interesting. this is something that can take our maps to the next level. thanks for adding a comment.