Sunday, May 03, 2009

student made media about a field trip to chinatown

last week, eating san francisco took a rare saturday field trip and found ourselves in chinatown. students were assigned to make media about their experiences.

here's what they made:

Marco Abellera, China Town - Eating San Francisco
Chris Begley and Ali Winston, Saturday Morning in Chinatown
Sam Blackburn, ESF Does Dim Sum! (plus flickr set)
Teresa Garcia, ESF Chinatown Project
Jessie Hill, Phoenix Talons and a Little Bit of Heart
Michael Kao, Chinatown
Stephanie Luu, Eating San Francisco-Dim Sum
Kelli McCloskey, Chintatown Project
Nick Minnott, Tin How Temple/ Chinatown/ Chicken Feet
Austin O'Kane, Dim Sum Experience
Katie Olson, Adventures through Chinatown
Laura Plantholt, Dim Sum for Dim Dummies
Joel Weston, Just a Tourist
Ashley Williamson, Good Fortune in Chinatown


Anonymous said...

I watched every entry and learned a lot about Chinatown even though I've been there many times....a fun way to spend a Sunday evening! I still treasure a teapot I purchased on Grant Avenue with my then soon-to-be husband 48 years ago. I've been helping 5th - 8th graders make digital movies and consequently really understood what was going on with these. You are all so fortunate to be having these experiences. Your professor is exemplary! -Marian G., Professor Silver's first grade teacher

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