Saturday, May 09, 2009

5 ways my students use twitter

this semester, all of my students (12 students in digital media production; 17 in eating san francisco) are using twitter.

i require them to do two things on twitter. first, for each of them to follow everyone else in the class. second, once they have completed a class project (a video, a blog post, a flickr set), they must tweet about it and include a link to it. other than that, they are free to use twitter, or not use twitter, in any way they choose.

over the semester, my students have come up with some really creative and collaborative uses of twitter. i'm impressed.

here's 5 ways my students use twitter

1. to announce and link to a blog post about one's role and contributions to the campus newspaper.

2. to set up - and say thanks for - interviews with people for class projects.

3. to negotiate dinner reservation times for class field trip.

4. to announce and publicize events taking place on campus.

5. to share readings and resources relevant to last night's class discussion.


(my students also, from time to time, use twitter in completely inane ways; maybe one day i'll blahg about that.)


tommy said...

Hello David,
Very informative post. I am interested to hear from yourself (although I assume you are a supporter of Twitter) and your students if you and they think Twitter is useful or useless.
Did they use it only 'cause they had to? Why twitter when email is available? etc etc...
The CNN thing with King and Kutcher seemed a little contrived to me and also blatant advertising to promote a "fad" which was not catching on.
I know, I sound like an old grumpy cynic - but I would love to hear from you on this. It really interests me.

tommy said...

I think you answered my query in earlier posts. Sorry for being behind!