Wednesday, May 20, 2009

last class of eating san francisco

for our last class, the students and i in eating san francisco prepared a final feast. the assignment was for each of us to prepare a dish that was a) delicious and b) made from local, seasonal ingredients.

after a semester of delicious meals - in north beach, the mission, the castro, chinatown, and cole valley - this meal, the one we made collectively, was by far the most delicious.

(to learn more about what was served, roll your mouse over the annotated version on flickr.)

in addition to cooking a delicious meal, my students made media documenting their culinary creations. here's what they made:

Marco Abellera, Locally Prepared Dish
Chris Begley, Locally made Fruit n Nut Couscous for the last ESF of the year
Sam Blackburn, ESF's Final Feast. Best Meal of the Year!
Jessica Elkus, Napoleons!
Teresa Garcia, ESF: Pollan and me (and ESF: Final class banquet)
Jessie Hill, Localvore
Michael Kao, Local food
Stephanie Luu, ESF-Cooking Your Own Local Food
Kelli McCloskey, Cook A Delicious Meal For The Fiesta!
Austin O'Kane, Local, Organic and Everything a Meal Should Be…
Laura Plantholt, Cooking with Seasonal, Regional Food (and flickr set a delicious seasonal, regional dish)
Joel Weston, Turkey and Papas
Ashley Williamson, Strawberry Shortcake!
Ali Winston, ESF: The Last Supper

wow, ESFers, what a class, thank you. let's keep eating san francisco.


Teresa said...

wow! this is awesome! thanks for posting the links to everyone's projects!

oh and by the way, the one next to my name isn't my official project. those were just some photos i took of our last class. if you want it, here's my actual cooking project. thanks!

david silver said...

teresa - ack! i just made the adjustment. thanks for the correction.

and i agree, seeing all the projects together is awesome.