Friday, February 13, 2009

students sharing media

this week, all 28 students in DMP and ESF joined (or were already on) twitter, giving us an individual and collective platform for presentation, conversation, and collaboration.

i've been encouraging my students to take their already existing information (blog posts, flickr sets, foghorn articles, USFtv clips) and optimally upload it to twitter. already existing information optimally uploaded, or aeiou, in 140 characters or less.

in the last week alone, the USF twitterverse has been aflame! stephanienow shared her recipe for raviolis. melstrikesback made a mixed tape (with sound!). skblackburn shared her pics of pelosi. smhz, _Kerr_, and elisamaite shared perspectives about teaching college students. and joelAweston, teresacgarcia, and Kellimccloskey, or the north beach crΓΌe, shared their culinary recommendation for ESF's first field trip.

also through twitter, the foghornonline met jonnyhech and a video game columnist was born.

it's a promising spring semester.

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McDuffie Shanice said...

Enjoyed your post, it's very interesting. Nice to read something different as well!

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