Thursday, February 19, 2009

north beach project

north beach project for eating san francisco

for the last few weeks, we've been reading, watching, and discussing food and culture. we've read, among other things, anne bower's "watching food: the production of food, film, and values," margaret coyle's "il timpano - to eat good food is to be close to god: the italian-american reconciliation of stanley tucci and campbell scott's big night," and nancy peters's "the beat generation and san francisco's culture of dissent." we've watched and discussed the film big night. and last night we field tripped to north beach - for dinner at bocce cafe and then a tour of the italian french baking company. now's the time to create.

1. select a platform. your selected platform must a) support multimedia, b) be open to the public, and c) allow visitors the opportunity to comment on your work.

2. create a story about food and north beach. use evidence and artifacts you experienced and gathered from our field trip.

3. as long as your story is about food and north beach, it can take any form. your story must also include, in some way, the beats.

4. make sure your story is interesting to people other than yourself. edit your story over and over and over again so that it contains zero mistakes and typos.

5. be as creative as possible.

6. sometime before class on wednesday, post a thick tweet that includes a link to your north beach project.

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