Thursday, February 01, 2007

new reviews in cyberculture studies (february 2007)

[via RCCS] a new set of book reviews for february 2007:

Information Politics on the Web

Author: Richard Rogers
MIT Press, 2004
Review 1: Adrienne Massanari

Play Between Worlds: Exploring Online Game Culture
Author: T. L. Taylor
MIT Press, 2006
Review 1: Mark Chen
Author response: T.L. Taylor

Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database
Authors: Lev Manovich & Andreas Kratky
MIT Press, 2005
Review 1: Tico Romao
Author response: Lev Manovich

The Cinema Effect
Author: Sean Cubitt
MIT Press, 2005
Review 1: Anxo Cereijo Roibas
Author response: Sean Cubitt

there's lots more where that came from. enjoy.

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