Wednesday, January 31, 2007

occupying campus to encourage students to become soldiers

today, USF's ROTC was in full-force on campus. their presence included a climbing mountain, a tricked out hummer, and a table of free stuff like ROTC water bottles, pens, and pins. the theme of the campus spectacle was ... fun!

strapping on a harness and climbing up simulated mountains? fun!

spray-painted hummers (which we began to see in black neighborhoods in 2003)? fun!

a hummer with a booming bass and filled with sports video games? fun!


Jonathan said...

"and so you see, kids, military life is about self-fulfillment and fun! Just as the people in the VA hospitals!"

You know, every time the U.S. goes off to war, there are always stores about people who joined the military but never thought they'd ever have to actually kill anybody. It's so sad.

ig said...

one of the best class discussions i've ever had with students was in the COM 201 class when they read that article. it was amazing how much they had to say.

kq said...

boy. it is a sad coicincidence that in the week that some of us mourn the loss of congressman robert drinan s.j. the army lands on usf's campus.