Thursday, January 25, 2007

from brock read at the wired campus, i learned that the cia now has a facebook group (registration required).

here's what it looks like today:

it currently has 2,949 facebook members. it has sponsored ads on the right that hyperlink facebookers directly to the cia's careers page. and it has a share button which allows users to post the group on their profiles or send it to their facebook friends.

the cia's facebook features this embedded youtube video (27 seconds). if you watch the whole thing, all the way to the last few frames, you'll see this woman:

who's she?

the cia needs to parse their content better.


Contolini said...

subliminal message. the cia needs their operatives fit. bally fitness is the obvious solution.

Shanthi said...

david - great blog! trying to reach you but have lost your address - if you see this could you email me? - shanthi (

....J.Michael Robertson said...

That woman is ... gone?