Tuesday, February 13, 2007

feevy - a free blogging tool from spain

feevy is a new and free blog tool developed by david de ugarte and the sociedad de las indias electrónicas. feevy replaces boring, static blogrolls with more personalized, dynamic blog bits. by incorporating RSS, feevy feeds the right column of my blog with fresh content from bloggers i read. plus, it's extremely easy to use. sweet.

i imagine feevy can be used quite easily to set up some kind of blog portal. for example, with a relatively small university like USF (around 8,000 students), it would be interesting to try to aggregate all USF student, faculty, and staff bloggers and, using feevy, make a one-stop page for quick and easy USF blog reading.

one night in 2003, in prague, david shared with me his many, many theories, experiments, and actions in contemporary activism and cyberactivism. the metaphor he returned to over and over again was ivy. ivy, david said, has shallow but distributed roots, stays close to the ground, and grows quickly and collectively. plus, he said, it's really difficult to get rid of. feevy, i believe, stands for feed the ivy. nice.


David de Ugarte said...

Yeeees! Feed the ivy!!
Thanks a lot for your post, David. I got really, really emotioned. You cannot imagine how important is your support and help to us... and your feevy an honour!

Brianna said...

i was inspired to try feevy, and it is AWESOME! thanks!

david silver said...

isn't it cool, brianna? i checked out your feevy and started to read your friends blogs - feevy sort of feels like a whole new way of reading blogs. very cool. also, it's great to keep up with your life and travels so please keep blogging! =)

Murley said...

Very cool tool, David, and thanks for the link, David. I've noticed several people come by thanks to the feevy feed. I am looking at a way to reconfigure our blog design to take better advantage of the possibilities.

Lanny Arvan said...

Not to label things, but Feevy seems to add the *social networking* aspect to the blogging without the need for all the other trappings of social networking software. That's a definite plus.

I did think it a bit strange, however, that the avatars are put in not by the blog creator but rather by the the person making the feevy, especially when that avatar is a photo.

david silver said...

lanny - i don't see feevy as primarily a social networking tool but i do see how it has social networking elements. i've enjoyed navigating through people i know's feevies and people i don't know's feevies and there is some kind of social networking element going on.

regarding the images - yes. that was my only hesitation initially. i wasn't sure if it would be cool if i added pics of bloggers, especially those who a) don't have any pictures of themselves on their own blogs or b) don't have a public flickr account. in the end, i decided not to include a picture for anyone who does not readily make their photo available on their blog or flickr. all that said, i do agree - there is something a bit strange about other people determining one's public pic!