Monday, February 05, 2007

digital journalism - flickr project

after handing out project one today, i told my students that if they follow the directions it will be the easiest 10% of a course grade they've ever earned. then i reminded them that the main learning goal with this project is to learn how to learn new tools quickly. so far, the students have been pretty fearless - online and especially offline - so i'm eager to see what they create. i am also curious to see if they understand tagging and the potential of tagging. here's project one:

flickr project: Telling Stories through Images

For this project, you will be using flickr to design and share a story related to the physical campus of USF. Using a combination of pictures and words, tell a story about our campus. When reflecting upon a topic, take your time and choose one that is interesting. At the same time, keep in mind this project is due in two days.

o Read Lee Rainie’s “28% of Online Americans Have Used the Internet to Tag Content.”
o Take smart pictures. Take a lot of pictures so you have a large set from which to select your favorites. Select between 5-10 digital photographs of some aspect or aspects of USF campus and upload them to your flickr account.
o Make a flickr set. Be sure to title your set.
o Include a title, a description, and at least one tag on each of your images for this project. Keep in mind the article about tagging; select smart tags.

o To learn some early basics of flickr and visual storytelling.
o To learn about tagging in general and tagging images in particular.
o To learn how to learn new tools quickly and independently.

Your flickr set is due by the time class beings on Wednesday, February 7. No late work accepted. This assignment is worth 10% of your grade.


Ivan Chew said...

Hi David, I've forwarded this post to a friend of mine, Kevin ( He's currently teaching related new-media classes. He's regularly blogging and posting videos and snippets of his classes.

ig said...

d, thanks for posting the article and the assignment! this sounds fun. we did a related project on the UW campus and ended up with a poem! and some great tagged images.

Anonymous said...
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....J.Michael Robertson said...

The first post after a madman! That's got to be good luck. But back to flickr. I'm guessing at some point links will be up, so I can suggest the reporting students might do something like the flicker exercise to accompany one of their stories on their blogs. I'm thinking it would be a good idea to show the reporting students what wonders await in Dig Jay, so any connection would be welcome.

david silver said...

michael - that madman's spam has been deleted! (the comment message must have gone to my junk mail because i didn't see this comment until you mentioned it.)

yes. today, students shared their projects and i think all of us learned many new things about a campus we thought we knew inside out. plus, today we launched our group blog which will spend the next week designing, brainstorming, and contributing to.

at that point, i will supply links!

Bryan's workshop blog said...

Good idea for an exercise. Is there one spot where the results are aggregated?

david silver said...

hello Bryan - since this course is now in the past, students have transformed their flickr accounts from class projects to personal projects. therefore, i'm not comfortable linking to their flickr accounts.

that said, much of our work was archived at usfblogtastic.

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