Thursday, February 24, 2011

lunch project for green media

lunch project for green media

1. today in class, we decided who would make what:

2. using words and photography, document your preparation process. be smart and be creative. take more photographs than necessary (so that you can select your best shots later) but don't let your photography get in the way of your cooking.

3. select between 5-10 photos and make either a flickr set or a blog post.

4. make sure one of your photos documents where you got one or some of your ingredients.

5. make sure one of your photos documents all of your ingredients ready to cook or what one of our readings called mise en place.

6. make sure at least one of your photos includes a human being who is not you.

7. somewhere within your flickr set or blog post, provide a recipe for your dish. include a recipe title, ingredients, and directions. consider your audience carefully.

8. as discussed in class, what i want to see in this project is some soul, some kind of voice, something human.

9. once finished and certainly by class on tuesday, tweet your lunch project. Be sure to include a link and #greenmedia somewhere within your tweet.

10. bring your dish to class on tuesday, march 1. bring serving utensils, a plate, a bowl, a fork, and a spoon.

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