Monday, February 16, 2009

flickr assignment

flickr assignment for digital media production

1. leave campus.

2. find and photograph an interesting part of the city. take smart photos. take a lot of photos so you have a large and diverse set from which to select your favorites.

3. sign-up for a free flickr account, create a profile, and make all DMP members your contacts.

4. create a flickr set of 5-10 photos to tell a story about the city. title and write a description for your flickr set.

5. tag your photos. if you do not know what tagging your photographs means, find out using twitter or google. use as many tags as you think necessary and use at least 3 for each photo. select smart and creative tags. tag strategically.

6. in this flickr set, there must be no mentions or references to yourself. do not use words like "i," "me," and "my." discuss the photographs, not yourself.

7. once finished, post a thick tweet that includes a link to your flickr set.

8. i will demo your work on thursday.

hints: find a part of the city that speaks to you. take more photographs than you use. follow directions.

rule: if you have no work to demo, do not come to class.


Anonymous said...


In the spirit of openness and transparency that you encourage in class, do you feel this assignment is too similar to our facebook project two weeks ago? I don't see how we are breaking new ground.

Just a comment. Hope your weekend is going well.

Bharat Sharma

Anonymous said...

hey Bharat,

the facebook assignment asked for a story about campus; the flickr assignment requires you to leave campus and find a story about the city.

the facebook assignment was viewable only to a limited audience - your facebook friends; the flickr assignment is viewable to the public.

the facebook assignment allowed mentions and references to yourself; the flickr assignment doesn't.

the facebook assignment had little to do with tags; the key to the flickr assignment is in the tags.

does that help?

Anonymous said...

I love step 1.

Anonymous said...

That definitely helps Professor--thanks for breaking it down for me, I appreciate it.

See you in class tomorrow!


knowledges33ker said...

Hi David,

In the spirit of a little collegial competition, how about a friendly contest? My students are also doing a similar flickr assignment. What do you think about see which group can come up with the most compelling visual collection on their flickr accounts? I bounced the idea off of my students today in class and they gave the thumbs up...what do you say?

knowledges33ker a.k.a. Ashley

Anonymous said...

hey knowledges33ker,

how would we determine which one is the most compelling visual collection?

i'll pass on the competition, but it would be interesting to try to foster conversation and collaboration between the two groups.

knowledges33ker said...

yeah, I suppose that would be difficult to determine. So let's come up with a way to collaborate then.

Anonymous said...

How do students understand the criterion for a successful assignment?

--E. R. O'Neill