Tuesday, February 24, 2009

blog assignment

blog assignment for digital media production

1. attend at least two films at USF's 7th annual human rights film festival. while there, watch, listen, learn, grab any relevant materials, and take interesting photographs.

2. organize and edit your photos into a flickr set. title the set and the photos. add descriptions when necessary.

3. if you do not already have a blog, or if you have a blog and do not want to integrate it into DMP, create a blog. you are strongly encouraged to create a free blog with wordpress.

4. for each film you watch, write and publish a blog post.

5. each blog post must contain: a) at least two or three paragraphs about the film, the filmmakers, the audience's reaction, and your reflections about the film; b) at least one relevant photograph that you took; and c) one or two links that direct your blog readers to further information about the film, filmmaker, and/or film festival.

6. before publishing your blog post, edit it again and again and again. and then, just to be safe, edit it one more time.

7. when finished, and no later than friday at 5 pm, post two thick tweets, each including a link to your blog post.

hint: be aware that this assignment requires you to create and share content using a blog, flickr, and twitter.

reminder: there is no class on thursday.

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