Sunday, November 04, 2007

talk in tulsa

today i'm in tulsa, oklahoma, where tomorrow i am a speaker at the ACRL-OK conference. my talk is called "where books meet facebook and other web 2.0 tales."

if things go as planned, i'll begin by using my old home page as an example of web 1.0 and my blog as an example of web 2.0.

i'll move on to discuss how the relative ease of use of web 2.0 applications has lowered the barriers for mass contributions to the web, highlighting the give and take nature of contemporary media with examples like yelp and wikipedia.

at this point, i'll stress that library conversations do not require web 2.0.

and i can't imagine not talking about what happens when librarians comment on student blogs.

update: here are some pics from this morning's talk.

update two: here is a flickr set from the conference and tulsa.


Lanny Arvan said...

David - I'm quite curious how your Librarian audience will react to your presentation, particularly on that idea of Librarians commenting on student blogs. I suggested something like that here about a year ago and got a lot of weird looks.

Anonymous said...

hey lanny - we covered a lot of ground during this talk so i can't remember all the reactions. that said, i don't remember any negative reactions per se. actually, reaching students - and especially reaching students where they are, rather than where librarians are - was a recurring theme within many of the talks and poster sessions. i'm curious to hear what attendees thought of the commenting librarians.

Adri said...

Oh heck librarians post everywhere - student and faculty blogs, metafilter, fark just about anywhere everyone else posts.

That being said, I enjoyed it and think it's a philosophy a lot of us are trying to apply in our jobs.

srcsmgrl said...

After reading the students post and the comments, I find myself wishing that more teens were writing blogs--or, if they are, where to find them (specific to my area). We have a new teen blog at SPL. I hope we will find some links that way eventually.

the subversive librarian said...

hi david -

i am a librarian who attended the workshop you spoke at in tulsa. you were showing us a student blog and commenting on the various comments left by students. a librarian a few posts down responded in that inherent and compulsive way of ours to say "if you read or liked this, you should read this...". the point you were emphasizing was the fact itself that the librarian had joined the conversation which ultimately added a new dimension to the conversation. A good example of web 2.0.

Anonymous said...

thanks subversive librarian for the comment and for attending my talk.

it was also nice to talk with you after adri's presentation. i like how you put it - "the librarian had joined the conversation which ultimately added a new dimension to the conversation" - to which i say, "exactly."

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