Monday, October 15, 2007

USFtv - year three

two years ago, three USF students approached melinda stone about setting up a television station by and for USF students. it happened.

last year, USFtv kicked into full gear, producing cablecasts (viewable in USF dorms) every two weeks or so.

this year, USFtv is back in business and back with some funk. USF students have organized into teams to create programs like USF News, USF Sports, USF Talks, Student Films, and Visionz.

here's a taste:

for those of you who do not live in USF dorms, there's USFtv on YouTube (nice work chris begley).

wanna get involved? contact USFtv programming director alexandra platt and the USFtv crew at usftv [at] usfca [dot] edu

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