Tuesday, October 02, 2007

blogging as research activity

each year, USF faculty are required to submit an academic career prospectus, or ACP. the first part of the prospectus asks faculty to evaluate their teaching, research, and service goals from the previous year. under research, i included the following paragraph:

I am particularly satisfied as I look back on my last research goal – to continue using my blog to contribute to academic communities and conversations. During the last year, I have tried my best to blog my academic and professional talks, leaving behind a hyperlinked, words-and-images post that serves as a bibliography for future reading and, more importantly, affords others the opportunity to comment and converse publicly. I have worked hard to blog academic conferences (talks I hear, talks I give, topics covered, topics not covered) I attend including, this year, the Illinois School Library Media Association’s (ISLMA) annual conference, the LaborTech 2006 conference, the Beyond Broadcast conference, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) conference, and, most recently, the Media in Transition 5 conference. Believing that pedagogy is best when collective, I blogged my syllabi, some of my lectures, and some of my lesson plans. Finally, I blogged about USF events that engaged me academically, intellectually, and emotionally – Paul Farmer's talk, Election Night 2006 (organized by Professor Corey Cook), and the School of the Americas Watch Halloween Dinner (organized by USF students).

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nice! i enjoy and useful bits of information from these postings. please keep it up!