Friday, October 12, 2007


thursday night is homemade pizza night. i make the crust, sarah makes the sauce and carmelizes the onions. a quick walk to lucca's makes the meats happen.

like tapas, our pizzas come in smaller servings. instead of making one gigantic pizza we make two or three minis - each with different toppings. this one is prosciutto and arugula.

we snag our wine or beer or whatever and head to the television (cableless; three and a half channels that work aiight) and watch the office.


Chris Nyles said...

Wow Mr. Silver! Your pizza looks yummy. Will try using arugula next time we cook pizza.

Sorry I couldn't help commenting after I saw the photo.

Sara said...

If by "make the crust" you mean you start with flour, yeast, etc., then I commend your efforts. That's more time than I have!

For those without the know-how or desire to make crust from scratch, I highly recommend Trader Joe's pizza dough (in the fresh foods case). It's less than $2, and you still get to experience the fun of rolling it out, or tossing it in the air should you be so bold. The whole wheat is amazing!

Mmmm... prosciutto...

Ivan Chew said...

"a quick walk to lucca's makes the meats happen"... David, this sounds poetic. Could this be the start of a Pizza Poetry Movement? LOL

jini said...

i am so impressed! papa murphy is my best friend! :)