Monday, September 10, 2007

salt lake city

i'm in salt lake city where i spent the morning researching and walking around the beautiful salt lake city public main library. in particular, i spoke with librarians about a story i once heard recently-retired SLC library director nancy tessman tell. i was fortunate to meet up with andrew shaw, the library's assistant manager of community affairs, who confirmed nancy's story.

this afternoon i'm giving a talk at the university of utah. the talk is titled "campus conversations and communication collaborations." with luck, i'll manage to weave nancy's story - a story about community, stones, and magic - into the mix.


Marian said...

As a reading specialist and Reading Recovery teacher I do understand the reading process but must admit it still seems MAGICAL to me. I like your title. I love your varied interests and strengths, David.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

I'm looking forward to the photographs.

sarah said...

i remember that story. i look forward to hearing more about it.