Friday, September 28, 2007

field trip: haight ashbury

haight ashbury is about six or seven blocks from the university of san francisco which can only mean one thing - field trip!

in intro to media studies we recently finished print culture (newspapers, magazines, books) and are making our way towards electronic culture (sound recording, radio, film, and television). in class on tuesday, we traced a (modest, incomplete) history of rock and hip hop, and spent extra time on the 1960s, protest cultures, haight ashbury, and the psychedelic scene. on thursday, with digital cameras and digital video, we tripped through the haight.

we arrived as a class but explored the haight in pairs, in groups, and in small, adventurous posses. our goal was to find and document haight ashbury past and present. we walked up and down the street, in and out of shops and alleys, and down through golden gate park. we interviewed homeless people, shopkeepers, and tourists.

walking back to campus, we stopped at the panhandle. i reminded my students that media studies @ USF means analyzing media and making media and assigned them their homework. before leaving, i asked the students if they were interested in additional field trips.

YES! was their answer.


....J.Michael Robertson said...

What a good idea. The results will appear online, I hope.

Claire said...

orThis is some different from the field trips you took with me. Now I wish I were in YOUR class!

Claire said...

Sorry! I don't know where the "or" came from! Ghosts are at work.

david silver said...

michael - thanks. and yes, the result are already beginning to stream in. we are using a social networking site called ning as our course site and i'll write more about it shortly.

claire - more information please! which field trips are you referring to? thanks for the comment!