Sunday, September 23, 2007

b turns six

today in palo alto was my nephew b's sixth birthday party.

it was a baseball birthday: baseball hats and jerseys were worn, (wiffle) baseballs were hit, baseball cupcakes were eaten, and a big baseball piƱata was smacked.

for the second time in a row, our present was a hit. b was so excited with (and so handsome in) his new soccer uniform.


jini said...

what fun! it looks like a great favorite picture is all the little guys scrambling for the pinata goodies.

david silver said...

yes, that's a sweet shot, eh?

after the pinata has been smacked and directly after the mad scramble for pinata goodies, there's this really interesting bartering / negotiation process that happens. b will trade w a tootsie roll for some now and laters, a will trade d some gum for some chocolate. they are mini-accountants with their pinata treasures.