Friday, July 06, 2007

sometimes the present archives the past in beautiful ways

bob dylan, allen ginsberg, and (a buried) jack kerouac remixed. music, poetry, and film - not to mention a book, on the road, which never appears in the video but is everywhere to be seen. sometimes the present archives the past in beautiful ways.

thanks pablo!


david silver said...

according to my go-to book on all things dylan, bob spitz's dylan: a biography, this is part of the magical (and career-rebuilding for dylan) rolling thunder revue. it's a rock tour with a ton of guests. it's also one of the earliest reality shows in that dylan and filmmakers were trying to document a tour. when the tour rolled to lowell, massachusetts - home town of jack kerouauc - dylan and ginsberg "performed a psuedo-mystical ceremony at jack kerouac's gravesight.

jini said...

david, this is a wonderful post. thanks for sharing it.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

I interviewed Ginsberg in Berkeley about 25 years ago. He didn't want to talk about art; he wanted to talk about U.S. intervention in Nicaragua. As I failed to understand at the time, the mad poet was correct in all his particulars.

david silver said...

michael - if only some of today's artists / intellectuals in the US talked more about the war and less about their new products they're plugging.

hey, any chance you have your interview and/or article saved somewhere?