Sunday, July 08, 2007

planting a move

for the last year, sarah and i have been subletting a third-floor flat in the lower haight. the place is centrally located: a ten minute walk to the castro, a ten minute walk to the mission, a fifteen minute walk to haight-ashbury. sarah's walk to work is thirty-five minutes and mine is twenty-five. if we can't hoof it, muni trains are a two minute walk away.

this month we move - to a flat in the mission. the place is a dream and still has sarah and me occassionally pinching ourselves and saying out loud, "really?" there's a lot to be excited about with our new place but one thing my mind returns to again and again is the outside deck. an outside deck in the sunniest part of the city means we get a garden. with luck, we'll be all moved in by the end of july.

in the meantime, a growing number of tomatoes, cucumbers, and spices have begun appearing, apparently hoping to make the move to the deck in august.


jini said...

wow! i hadn't considered that deck = garden space! that will be great fun....your own farmers' market close at hand! i can't wait to see the new place!
well hey, we can't wait to see you and sarah!

david silver said...


i'm eager to experiment this summer with various veggies, herbs, and flowers and then depending on the sun levels design a full garden on the deck for next year.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Books and now vegetables piled outside your door: excellent.