Monday, August 26, 2013

3 photos assignment

for students enrolled in digital media production

1. take 3 photos, make them public, and tweet links to them. be sure to include #dmp13 in your tweet.

2. the 3 photos must include: a) a selfie; b) a shelfie; and c) a view from where you live. one goal of these photos should be to convey something meaningful about yourself to the rest of us.

3. the 3 photos must somehow relate - a similar theme, object, filter, color, whatever. as we discussed in class, if these 3 photos were part of a large photo album, we should be able to easily identify them.

4. your work must be finished, made public, and tweeted by the beginning of class on friday. be ready to demo your work in class. if you do not have work to demo, do not come to class.

tips and advice:

a. follow directions.

b. take way more photos than you end up using.

one more thing:

on wednesday, you will workshop your work in class. bring work - on your phone, camera, sketchpads, journals - so another student can offer you feedback. be ready to share your feedback with others.

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