Wednesday, April 27, 2011

paper 5 for golden gate park first-year seminar

Paper 5 for Golden Gate Park

1. In Paper 4, you selected a topic related to Golden Gate Park and your major (or prospective major) and wrote a paper about it. In Paper 5, you have two options: a) significantly expand upon the ideas discussed in Paper 4; or b) select a new topic (and clear it with me) and write a paper about it.

2. Include at least four new sources. Do not use the first four sources you find. Use the best four sources you find.

3. Your paper must be between 7-8 pages, including a bibliography, either in MLA or APA.

4. Integrate as many as possible writing skills and techniques discussed this semester in Rhet 195. This includes: introducing your topic; using credible and legitimate sources; summarizing outside sources (recall the "believing game" strategy); selecting and integrating quotations effectively ("quotation sandwiches"); differentiating between what others say about your topic ("they say") and what you say ("I say"); introducing a naysayer; and answering the "who cares?" and "so what?" questions.

5. As always, edit carefully.

6. Be ready to share elements of your work with classmates. Also be ready to read your classmates' work and provide constructive and creative feedback.

7. Paper 5 should be the best paper you write for this class.

8. Paper 5 is due in class on Thursday, May 5. No late work accepted.

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