Sunday, March 06, 2011

the horse sculpture in the WPA horseshoe pits in golden gate park (1955 and today)

in 1937, artist jesse s. "vet" anderson completed two bas-relief concrete sculptures - "horse" and "horseshoe pitcher" - overlooking the WPA-funded horseshoe pits in golden gate park. in 1955, "horse" looked like this:

today, "horse," like so many of today's federally-funded programs that benefit everyday people, looks like this:


Anonymous said...

The artist didn't bother to put any reinforcement (like rebar) in the concrete? There wouldn't be anything left of it at all if it hadn't been buried for a long time. The government can't stop the effect of weather on poorly chosen materials.

Debbie B. said...

I am saddened by these photos. The horseshoe pit was one of my favorite spots when I first moved to SF (1980s) and as recently as a few years ago, after many a messenger party was held there (they still are for all I know), the horse sculpture was mostly intact. I didn't realize it had been completely destroyed and I wonder if it's the same person or group that has been busy vandalizing trees, shrubs and flowers in GG Park. Damn creeps.

david silver said...

Debbie - to the best of my knowledge it was *not* done by the folks who continue to vandalize the park's greenery. in the case of the horseshoe pit, the damage is a result of time and weather and lack of upkeep - over the last two years or so, it just keeps slipping and slipping further.