Tuesday, October 19, 2010

project two

project two for digital media production.

1. think of something that interests you. it could be a band, a band you're in, a cafe, cooking, dancing, DIY, facebook, family, fashion, film, food, justice, money, music, newspapers, philosophy, photography, poetry, politics, religions, san francisco, science, sports, surfing, tv, video games, or anything else you choose.

2. take many photographs of that thing. select your favorite.

3. upload the photograph to flickr, title and tag it, put it into a new flickr set, and title the set.

4. take some time - a few hours, a day, a few days.

5. then, take some more photographs of this thing that interests you. upload them to your already existing flickr set. title and tag the photographs. at this point in the project, your flickr set should include 3-5 photographs.

6. when finished and before class on wednesday, october 27, tweet it. be sure to include a link to your flickr set.

7. in class on wednesday, october 27, be ready to demo your work.

8. keep in mind that you will be adding new photographs to this flickr set throughout the rest of the semester.

rules and suggestions:

a. follow all directions.

b. be sure to select something that truly interests you. if after a few days you are no longer interested in photographing that thing which days ago fascinated you, start over and select a new topic.

c. if you have no work to demo for wednesday's demo day, do not come to class.

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