Thursday, February 11, 2010

flickr project

flickr assignment for digital media production

1. we spent a significant portion of today's class taking digital photographs of USF. feel free to take more.

2. if you do not already have a flickr account, create one. if you have an interest in photography, consider opening a pro account ($25/year). if not, sign up a for a free account.

3. find and follow on flickr all DMP students and professor.

4. upload your photos of campus to your flickr account. title and tag all of the photos. be smart and strategic with your tags.

5. using no less than 5 and no more than 10 photos, make a flickr set. title the set. add a description to the set.

6. join the flickr group "USF photography and photographers."

7. revisit your flickr set of campus. add any - or all - of your photos to the "USF photography and photographers" flickr group. be aware that by adding your photo or photos, they can be featured on USF's web site.

8. once finished with steps 1-7, tweet about it. include a link to your flickr set so that other people can see your work.

9. use twitter to keep up with your classmates' work and visit and view their flickr sets.

10. comment on at least 5 photographs taken by 5 different DMPers.


1. follow all directions.

2. flickr project is due saturday, february 13, at noon. no late work accepted.

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